Hi there


Once upon a time when everybody blogged, I pretended I knew what I was doing and had a blog, too.

I reeeeeeealllllllly didn’t know what I was doing.

But, apparently it’s still a good idea to have an online presence. And…words for people to read. So I’m putting together this website and crossing my fingers and I’m trying something new: total honesty. Like the honesty of telling you I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m doing it anyway, and if you’re reading these words you’re probably along for the ride, lucky you.

not my feet

I don’t know if I’ll have a schedule–or that I’d stick to one if I bothered making one. But I’ll be talking about my writing, what I’m learning and how I’m doing. I’ll talk about my sewing projects. I’ll ramble and reminisce about travels I’m on, or that one time when I did something cool. I’m in that happy middle ground of adulthood: I’m no longer in my twenties, but I’m still considered young. In other words, I’m old enough to know I’m too young to know anything. And, friends, this is the best time of life yet.

I should have an eye-catching something here.

There was a farmer who had a dog. Bingo was his name. Oh.

I didn’t say that. At least, not originally. But I sang it with my baby just now and that’s about all the energy I have for making this post interesting.

Did I mention I have babies? I do. They’re adorable. I might even go so far to say they’re the cutest kids in the world. So there.