Under the knife

Earlier this year I was playing at being SuperMom when I unsuccessfully demonstrated how to cross the monkey bars to my then 5yo. I wound up tearing the ACL and meniscus in my right knee and the Achilles tendon in my left ankle.

I’m that talented.

I knew the knee required surgery, but with an overseas move on the horizon my doctors in Ohio recommended waiting. So I walked with a brace all over Ohio and Canada and Disneyworld and even went hiking in Japan before the surgery took place.

I don’t know why my pictures upload in weird angles. Someone with more know-how than me help me out, please! Also, do you like the chair socks on my piano bench? I swear everything’s better in Japan.

I’m recovering well (though I can’t put my own socks on yet) and hope to be back on my feet and playing at the park with my children soon!